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Book 388 Astronomy 1988
Our Solar System Uranus: The Sideways Planet
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The Sun

The Sun—our very own star, the ruler of the Solar System. Isaac Asimov examines its many features and quirks, including sunspots, flares, and prominences, its atmosphere, and its vital importance to life here on Earth. Young readers will also learn about our understanding of the Sun throughout human history, as well as the ways that scientists today learn more about the Sun and its mysteries.

As with Comets and Meteors, this is a rare instance when Asimov wrote two science juveniles with the same title, one part of the early Follett series and now this one, in “Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe.” As with Comets and Meteors, the newer book is much the better—more current, more complete, and better illustrated. This is an excellent volume for younger readers, although older readers could go to any of a number of astronomy books by Asimov or Asimov’s New Guide to Science and get much the same information.

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