Cover of Uranus: The Sideways Planet
Book 389 Astronomy 1988
The Sun The History of Biology (chart)
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Asimov fan
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Uranus: The Sideways Planet

First glimpsed in 18th-century England, Uranus is the first planet to be discovered in modern times. More fully revealed by its encounter with Voyager 2 in 1986, Uranus surprises and mystifies us to this day. Isaac Asimov inroduces young readers to the dark moons and rings, nearly horizontal axis, and other fascinating features of Uranus, the little giant of our Solar system.

This is actually a very nice book on Uranus, particularly for its target audience of grade-school children. Saturn and Beyond covers information about Uranus for an older audience but was written far in advance of Voyager’s encounter with Uranus and so is more out-of-date than this volume, which is useful for reference purposes even if one finds the style a bit beneath one.

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