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If you look at the sky on a clear night, you may see a comet or meteor. A comet will appear as a small, faint cloud with a streak of light stretching out from one side. A meteor will look like a glowing object streaking across the sky.

One of today’s finest science writers tells about these two fascinating astronomical topics in an easy-to-read text. Besides describing the physical characteristics and the well-known sightings of comets and meteors, Dr. Asimov clearly and concisely defines such related terms as meteorite, fireball, solar wind, and asteroid.

This Beginning Science book is published under the supervision of educators and technical authorities. Some seven year olds and most eight year olds will be able to read it with no assistance. For younger readers, a list of words that may be difficult is included. Young astronomers will find this book with its color artwork and up-to-date photographs a helpful introduction to the study of comets and meteors.

This is one of two books by Asimov bearing this title and is part of the Follett series of short astronomy books for very, very young children which started with The Moon. Being some forty years old, it’s badly outdated and should be avoided as a rule in lieu of its younger avatar, Comets and Meteors, itself a member of the more generally current “Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe” series.

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