Azazel gives a woman the ability to sing perfectly for one night and one night alone.

This is, I believe, the first of the George and Azazel stories collected in Azazel. It was originally written as a Union Club mystery for Gallery (and then would have ended up in The Union Club Mysteries), but somehow the typewriter slipped and this came out instead.

I don’t consider the George and Azazel stories examples of Asimov at his best by any means—they’re fun, frothy, and fluffy but don’t really stick with one. This, as it happens, is one of the better ones although not quite my favorite. Alas, it is not helped by the fact that the basic premise reaches back to the early years of Asimov’s career and has echoes of “The Secret Sense”—but here, at least, the result is much, much better.

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