Earthmen and Martians have different physiologies, including the fact that their senses are substantially different. Generally hidden from Earthmen is the fact that the Martians—although possessing the same five senses that Earthmen have (albeit in a duller form)—also have a sixth sense which is highly developed. They also have a technique for making it possible for an Earthman to experience this sense, but only temporarily. One Earthman attempts it and the results are both wonderful and devastating.

This tale is a little overblown and not terribly interesting. The basic concept—that non-humans will not share human senses to any particular extent—is reasonably sound and reasonably handled, and it will even resurface in "The Mule” with Magnifico’s visi-sonor, but there is little beyond that concept to recommend here.

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3 spaceships-and-suns2 spaceships-and-suns The Early Asimov
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