Why aren’t the comets of today as spectacular as the ones from a generation ago? How are “shootings stars” related to comets? In this book, Isaac Asimov looks at those things that have long been streaking across our skies, filling us with wonder and sometimes dread: comets and meteors, celestial visitors bringing us lessons about the cosmos—and about the origins of our own Earth.

This is the second book by Asimov bearing this title (one of the two times in his entire 500+ book output when he duplicated a title), and is infinitely better than the first. It isn’t just a matter of its being more current, or its having more, larger, and more colorful pictures. The fact is that Asimov himself knows more about the subject (having boned up on it to prepare Asimov’s Guide to Halley’s Comet) and includes more and more interesting information. I still wouldn’t recommend it very strongly to adults, but for its target audience it could not be beat.

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