Cover of Satellites In Outer Space
Book 37 Astronomy 1960
Breakthroughs in Science The Wellsprings of Life
1 spaceship-and-sun
Asimov fan
A mule
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Well, well, well.

This the kind of book I read when I was a child and enjoyed enormously. Unfortunately, it has aged very badly. Written as it is before any human beings had gone into space, and given its subject matter (all the things people have put into orbit), it misses out on an awful lot—the Mariner, Voyager, and Viking probes, for example, plus the entire history of mankind in space. There is little to find fault with the writing, although it is aimed at such an elementary reading level, perhaps second or third grade, that most adults would not particularly enjoy it. Still, there is little use to the book today except as a historical curiosity.

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