Cover of Breakthroughs In Science
Book 36 General Science 1960
Realm of Measure Satellites in Outer Space
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Target reader

This is a series of biographies of famous (or not-so-famous in some cases) scientists and their discoveries. It’s aimed at an elementary school reading level, but may still be enjoyable for even adults to read. The biographies are straightforward and hit the major points in the scientists’ lives and do a reasonably good job of explaining why their discoveries are important. Among the stories told are Asimov’s favorites, either because of their drama, their irony, or their display of good scientific ethics—Darwin and Wallace, Mendel, Perkin, Jenner, Pasteur --- plus, of course, a few one could absolutely not do without—Einstein, Galileo, Archimedes, Newton. Nor has the book aged too badly—history does not get regularly rewritten quite as often as science.

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