In which Asimov lays out the easy way to become a science fiction legend.

This is one of two delightful bits of comic verse (“The Author’s Ordeal” is the other)—with rhythm and rhyme schemes blatantly stolen from some guy named Gilbert—found in Earth is Room Enough. It’s very clever, a lot of fun, and easy to sing; it’s worth buying Earth is Room Enough or The Complete Stories, Volumes 1 just for this piece.

In particular, Asimov is making fun of himself and his own Foundation stories (get it?), and admits to using “a tiny bit of cribbin’ from the works of Edward Gibbon and that Greek Thucydides”—which, if nothing else, helps burn into one’s mind how to say “Thucydides.” Anyway, it’s a terrific little gem, much appreciated.

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