One of five agents is playing a double game, and sending American secrets about Israel on to the Arabs. All that is known is the double agent’s code name, “Granite,” and on that basis alone Griswold is able to determine which of the five it is.

This story fails on two levels. One is Griswold’s casual assumption that the double agent would choose a code name which has absolutely nothing to do with them in real life. (You see, the clever double agent would assume that we'd assume that, and so pick a code name that is painfully obvious so that we'd eliminate them at once. Of course, if we assume that they’ll assume that we’ll assume that, … and so on.)

The other is the process by which some of the suspects are eliminated. One is named “Stein”—“stone,” in German. One is from New Hampshire, the Granite State. One is a Lucy Stoner—a married woman who doesn’t adopt her husband’s last name. And one went to school at the University of Colorado, which happens to be in Boulder.


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