The grandfather of Simon Levy’s wife his some $3000 in bonds somewhere around their house, and as the old may lay dying, told them where by pointing in the direction of an edition of Shakespeare’s complete works. The Bard’s plays are analyzed in detail by the Black Widowers, but only Henry can determine exactly what the old man was pointing at.

The limericks for the Iliad have been dropped in this story (thank goodness!), but on the other hand, the story actually mentions Asimov himself by name (and in a funny and disparaging fashion), something I have never been comfortable with for some reason.

As for the story itself, it’s nice and reasonably well done. The solution is reasonable once you see it. I guess my main complaint against the story is that you’re not encouraged to try to figure out the solution before Henry unless you feel far more comfortable with Shakespeare than I, at least, do. (Of course, I never try to figure them out anyway.) It’s a minor complaint, too, and the story is generally OK.

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