The environmental crisis is the greatest challenge of our times. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problems of pollution, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and other noxious side-effects of modern life. Our Angry Earth, written by two of America’s most noted futurists, provides a clear and understandable picture of the current state of our planet, based on the most recent scientific information, as well as a lucid and specific overview of the large-scale social, economic, and political reforms that will and must be instituted if we are to make our world a green and hospitable place for generations to come.

More than a simple salve for our collective conscience, Our Angry Earthis the definitive guide to a significantly improved, infinitely healthier environment for us—and for our children and grandchildren.

In the end, it isn’t what you can do to save the Earth, but what weal must do, together. Our Angry Earthtells us how.

This is a collaboration with Asimov’s long-time friend, Fred Pohl. As with others of Asimov’s works, particularly the book Earth: Our Crowded Spaceship, this is a book about the environment and all the problems it faces from its load of humanity and their detritus. These Cassandra cries are common enough in the Good Doctor’s writings, but this one is unique in that it advocates activism and goes into some detail as to how to go about getting involved and actually doingsomething. As a result, this volume is definitely more than usually interesting for the reader who wants to know more about how humanity has an impact on the Earth and what can be done. It is, moreover, a critical topic in Asimov’s thinking and a definitive treatise on his feelings regarding our planet and its inhabitants.

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