Cover of Why Do Stars Twinkle?
Book 472 Astronomy 1991
What is a Shooting Star? Why Does the Moon Change Shape?
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Like diamonds in the sky, stars send out shining rays of light. In Why Do Stars Twinkle?, Isaac Asimov explains clearly and simply why light from the stars appears to “twinkle” by the time it reaches Earth.

For general information on the “Ask Isaac Asimov” series, see What Is a Shooting Star?

This is an excellent book for young readers on—well, you can tell from the title. The illustrations are ample and well-chosen, the text clear and readable: it’s all very nice. Again, as with Asimov’s other Gareth-Stevens books, it’s outrageously overpriced and one wishes the series had made its way into paperback at some time, and it’s also not so terribly exciting for the adult reader. A seven-year-old is one who would enjoy this book. His slightly older father—no, not really so much.

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