Cover of Venus: A Shrouded Mystery
Book 454 Astronomy 1990
Neptune: The Farthest Giant The World’s Space Programs
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Have you ever wondered…

  • How did the Universe begin?
  • How were the sun and other planets formed?
  • How do scientists explore other planets and space?
  • Are there intelligent forms of life on other planets?
  • Could we live on other planets? In space? How?

Come along on a journey with Isaac Asimov to discover scientists’ answers to these and other questions about our Universe, the Sun, the Solar System, and the rocky planets--[sic] Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The fascinating photographs and illustrations will make this one journey you won’t forget!

This is a virtually current book about Venus—current enough that it doesn’t spend most of its time whining about the clouds and how we can’t see anything underneath them. It covers all the major points regarding the solar system’s hottest planet, and does so well with lots of pretty pictures. Older readers might prefer the slightly less current Venus, Near Neighbor of the Sun, even though it has been somewhat outdated by recent discoveries.

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