Cover of Visions of Fantasy: Tales From the Masters
Book 428 Anthology 1989
Asimov on Science Nemesis
A mule
Asimov fan
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Target reader

Enter a world of fantasy…

Journey to a magical place,

or step into the future…

Encounter dragons, witches, princes, princesses, innocent victims, or evil forces…

This collection of twelve stories by the most popular writers in the genre will satisfy all lovers of fantasy as each author explores his or her distinctly different vision of fantasy.

The outstanding authors:

Anne McCaffrey

Madeleine L’Engle

Howard Goldsmith

Lewis and Edith Shiner

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Jane Yolen

Al Sarrantonio

Ray Bradbury

William Lee

Isaac Asimov

Bruce Coville

Elizabeth S. Helfman

This is a generally solid anthology for slightly younger audience, say preteenagers. The stories—which are illustrated, by the way—are generally centered around young protagonists and are a good selection. I do like “A Message from Charity,” for example, and “The Youngest Dragonrider” is a good Pern story from Anne McCaffrey. There are a couple of misfires—the final story hasn’t ever appealed to me particularly, and the Bradbury piece comes off as a bit odd.

There is nothing here of particular interest to the Asimov fan, but this would still be worthwhile for the younger reader interested in fantasy to own.

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