This is one of five “books” by Asimov published by Creative Education, Inc., where a single story by the Good Doctor has been put between covers all by itself, illustrated (rather well) by one David Shannon, and sent off for a younger audience to read.

Of the five, this the only one not involving youngsters in some fashion, but that’s OK. It’s about cars, and most kids should be able to relate to that. I’m actually not all that terribly fond of the story although I like it well enough—in part, it’s because Asimov stuck it in a lot of his own books so I’ve read it a lot, and for another, it’s one of Asimov’s few robot stories where the Three Laws don’t hold, perhaps the only one with positronic robots.

But it’s a good story and put in a nice format in a fashion which one hopes will lead children to reading, to reading sf, and to reading Isaac Asimov. The adult Asimov fan would, however, probably prefer to save $12.95 and just read the story in Nightfall and Other Stories or somewhere like that.


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