Cover of Earth: Our Home Base
Book 400 Astronomy 1988
How Was the Universe Born? Ancient Astronomy
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Have you ever wondered…

  • How did the Universe begin?
  • How were the sun and other planets formed?
  • How do scientists explore other planets and space?
  • Are there intelligent forms of life on other planets?
  • Could we live on other planets? In space? How?

Come along on a journey with Isaac Asimov to discover scientists’ answers to these and other questions about our Universe, the Sun, the Solar System, and the rocky planets--[sic] Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The fascinating photographs and illustrations will make this one journey you won’t forget!

On the whole, this is a good introduction to a lot of aspects of the Earth— astronomic facts, geologic facts, and so on. As always with “Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe,” older readers might prefer a book aimed more at them such as Asimov’s New Guide to Science, but it is very good for its intended audience.

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