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Saturn: The Ringed Beauty

“Nothing else we can see is quite like Saturn, and once you look at it, it is hard to tear your eyes away.” Isaac Asimov shares with young readers his own fascination with the wondrous rings, moons, and other enchanting features of Galileo’s planet with “ears”—a world that “many think is the most beautiful object we can see with our telescopes.”

This book is aimed at a younger audience than Saturn and Beyond, and so adults might find themselves impatient with it, but it is also written well after Saturn was visited by the Voyager probes and is able to take advantage of the huge amounts of information they provided. Colorfully illustrated— and, yes, it does include a picture of Saturn floating in an immense ocean— it’s an excellent source for younger children to go to in order to learn about Saturn and a useful reference work even for older readers.

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