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Book 341 Science Essays 1986
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The collaboration of Science and Technology over the past century has proceeded at a pace so dizzying that laymen can scarcely comprehend it, and expserts, typically confined to their own trees, fail to perceive the extent to which the whole forest is changing.

Earthquakes, Dreams, Electronic Mail, Robots, the Creation of New Planets, DNA, Cosmic Mysteries, Colliding Stars. Wherever you look, the rate of discovery increases geometrically, and with it our lives (as well as our understanding of life) change ever more dramatically. For change is the order of the universe, says Isaac Asimov, and even greater changes are on the way.

In this collection of speculative, free-wheeling, and sometimes far-out essays, the world’s most engaging science writer discusses such topics as where he thinks we may be headed in science, business, the environment, extraterrestrial living, galactic communication, and a dozen other possibilities.

Whether you are a scientist or a layman, a Ph.D. or a high school dropout, if you are curious about what is really going on in the world, you will find plenty in this collection to instruct and enlighten you and to stimulate and entertain you. Here is your chance to sit in on a brainstorming session with the creative genius of Isaac Asimov. But be warned: knowledge stimulates intelligence and intelligence can be dangerous to your complacency.

After Asimov published his first book in January 1950, he continued to turn out (on the average) one book every 5.4 weeks for 36½ years. This one is number 342 [sic]. We just thought you’d like to feel dizzy.

This, like Change!, is a collection of columns Asimov wrote for American Way, the in-flight magazine for American Airlines, and there is little (if anything) to say about it that isn’t said about the earlier book.

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