Cover of Norby and the Invaders
Book 333 Science Fiction Novel 1985
It’s Such a Beautiful Day Giants
A mule
Asimov fan
2 spaceships-and-suns
Target reader


Norby’s the bravest, most outrageous, most novable robot ever to save the day. Along with his ever-faithful human companion Jeff, and a mischievous All-Purpose-Pet named Oola, the three blast off for interstellar adventure.

First the trio search for a missing princess. But things let a little out of hand when, after they find the princess, she is accidentally turned into a tree. Norby, Jeff and Oola must get to the root of the problem quickly if they want to free the princess from her leafy dilemma.

Then a friendly, fire-breathing dragon is kidnapped from the planet Jamya. And once again Norby, Jeff and Oola must spring into action to rescue their scaly friend.

This is another Norby book I remember particularly well. In this case, I believe it is because it is genuinely one of the better entries in the series, as Norby and Jeff have to save the Universe from creatures from another Universe that find their way here.

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