Norby is the only robot in the Federation with a built-in mini anti-grav device. He is unique—and to be that unique is dangerous.

When the Head of the Federation Space Command warns Jeff, Norby’s partner, of the Inventors’ Union’s plan to kidnap the robot and take him apart, Jeff and Norby know they must act fast. It’s lucky that Norby has another secret power—the hyperdrive—that allows them both to vanish into hyperspace. But their dramatic dash leads to further danger as Norby and Jeff encounter the terrible Mentor robots of the planet Janya.

Is there no escape from the ruthless powers who are after Norby’s secrets? The exciting sequel to NORBY THE MIXED-UP ROBOT.

I really can’t remember much about this book beyond what Norby’s other secret actually is, and even then I remember it mostly because it’s used so extensively as a plot device in other Norby books. Most of everything else I can remember about the book derives from my memories of its cover. Those are not good signs, and I am forced to conclude that this is a below-average member of the Norby series. Caveat lector.

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