“This series continues to uncover and reprint some of the classic works of the genre and is really a must for fans of Golden Age SF.”

—Muncie Evening Press

“These stories are as fresh as tomorrow’s headlines. A treat of science fiction readers of all ages.”


“Anyone wanting a compact and authoritative survey of SF’s finest stories is advised to…just keep on buying.”

—Minneapolis Tribune

“A highly successful series that presents classics in the field.”

—NJEA Review

And now, in the tenth volume of this amazing collection you will find Henry Kuttner, John D. MacDonald, Ray Bradbury, Murray Leinster, H. Beam Piper, and more.

For general comments on this series, see Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories 1, 1939.

There are no stories by Asimov himself in this volume, and it is otherwise not a terribly strong anthology in the series. It does have Ray Bradbury’s “Mars is Heaven,” which is definitely an excellent story, but the others are not of the same quality. It isn’t a bad anthology by any means, but there are other, much better anthologies in the series.

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