Cover of The Last Man On Earth
Book 260 Anthology 1982
Isaac Asimov Presents Superquiz Science Fiction A to Z
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CLIFFORD D. SIMAK foresees a time when dogs and robots inherit the earth—and only one man is left to combat them.

WILLIAM F. NOLAN tells his version of the last human survivor—trapped under ground in the San Francisco sewer system.

POUL ANDERSON warns any man who wanders too far into the future—he may find himself alone.

EVELYN E. SMITH introduces a loyal earthling who refuses to escape to the stars when doomsday finally arrives.

RICHARD WILSON tells about a disc jockey with no audience.

And FREDERIC BROWN reveals the cause of man’s extinction—man himself.

These are just some of the fascinating stories of the earth’s final survivors. Will they perish in natural or man-made disasters? Die at the hands of robots—or simply dwindle into extinction? Only the Last Man on Earth really knows!

This is a disappointingly weak anthology, with nothing by Asimov himself. There are some good stories here, of course, notably Clifford Simak’s “Trouble With Ants,” A.E. van Vogt’s “Resurrection,” and the final piece, Charles L. Harness’ “The New Reality.” On the whole, however, it’s rather weaker than one would except or like. This is a volume to pass up if possible.

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