Charmingly insidious, satisfying devious 100 Mysterious Little Mysteries [sic] is the perfect book to fit your most malevolent mood. Each story has its own particular and irresistible appeal—that unexpected twist, a delectable puzzle, a devastating revelation, or perhaps a reassuring display of pernicious spite. There are stories by some of the most well-known writers in the field including Michael Gilbert, Edward Wellen, Edward D. Hack, Bill Pronzini, Lawrence Treat and Francis M. Nevins, Jr.

This volume has also seen print as One Hundred Malicious Little Mysteries, a title more in line with One Hundred Great Science Fiction Short-short Stories and One Hundred Great Fantasy Short-short Stories.

This does actually have a story in it by Asimov—the obscure but pleasant ”The Little Things.” I am, however, not really a mystery buff despite a fondness for some specific mystery writers, and so I can’t say I really enjoy this volume as much as its mates. If one is a mystery buff, then I’d heartily recommend this book. Me, I'd just as soon skip it.

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