Cover of How Did We Find Out About Solar Power?
Book 230 Physics 1981
Three by Asimov How Did We Find Out About Volcanoes?
1 spaceship-and-sun
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3 spaceships-and-suns
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Solar Power

The Search for Fuel

Ever since the first person sat in the sun to get warm, we’ve been tapping solar energy. The ancient Romans disocvered how to trap the sun’s warmth in glass “greenhouses” for growing plants. But it wasn’t until modern times that people began to search for ways to use the sun’s light and warmth at home. As the costs of other fuels rise, the search for solar power continues on earth, but its solution may lie in outer space!

This volume explores solar power both as an alternative (explaining what it’s an alternative to) and as a technology in its own right, ending with grandiose visions of power plants in space beaming their product to the Earth (as in “Reason”) and vast stretches of desert covered with solar power cells. Nice for the target audience, pretty standard fare for others.

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