100 Miniature Universes—

Join such masters of space and time as Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, Fritz Leiber, Robert Silverberg, Fredric Brown, Harlan Hellison, Joanna Russ, James Tiptree, Jr., Robert Sheckley, Harry Harrison, Lester del Rey, and, of course, Isaac Asimov himself, as they take you into their own private universes.

From a man cursed with the knowledge that there is life after death…to an invasion of Earth by giant but not quite solid aliens…to an inventor determined to use the future to underwrite his experiments…to a dog that gives the term “master” a whole new meaning—here are 100 delightful “quick takes” of our possible futures, each one blazing as bright as a supernova.

As with One Hundred Great Science Fiction Short-short Stories and Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales, this is a collection of lots and lots of very short and usually very funny science fiction stories. It is, on the whole, a terrific anthology, strongly recommended—go ahead and read it.

Asimov himself is well-represented in this anthology, too—a little too well represented, actually. Not only do we have the delightful, pun-ridden “Dreamworld” (which I adore), we also have “Buy Jupiter” which is OK and “True Love” and “The Last Answer”, which I loathe. It always hurts a bit when Asimov’s worst stories are dusted off for inclusion in a general-interest anthology, and this is no exception.

So to modify my earlier recommendation—go ahead and read it, just skip three of the stories.

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