This is an odd little book, consisting as it does of only one story—and not a terribly long story at that. It was a limited run from a tiny press that has since vanished from the fact of the earth, so far as I know, but the story itself has been rescued from obscurity by being included in some of Asimov’s later anthologies.

And it happens to be a very good story, too. In fact, I would rate it as one of Asimov’s very best of his later stories and definitely towards the top for his entire career. In particular, I like it because it is very funny without depending on a bad pun, and because it involves an interesting and completely worked out background that does not involve either robots or Foundations.

So, the book itself is in some sense unnecessary, but I’d say still worthwhile for the story’s sake—if you can ever find it.


3 spaceships-and-suns “Good Taste”
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