For general information on the five Ginn science books, see Ginn science program—Intermediate A

I only own three and have only read three of the books in this series. This is the one I neither own nor have read. It’s intended for the eighth grade. Gallant wrote the introduction. It consists of the following sections, with the ones written by Gallant marked with a (G). One difference between the Advanced Level books (for junior high school) and the Intermediate Level books (for elementary school upper grades) is that J. Myron Atkin is listed on the spine (but not the title page); Atkin was the general editor for the series.

  • Building an Atom (G)
  • Partners in Time
  • How Do Animals Behave? (G)
  • The Birth and Death of Stars (G)
  • The Search for Early Man
  • Reading the Hereditary Will
  • Why the Ups and Downs of Populations? (G)
  • Chemistry and the Environment (G)

The quote on the cover is is “Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of our science” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As I haven’t actually read this book, I cannot fully comment on it. I have examined the book, and it’s fair to say as a preliminary review that it’s roughly the same quality as Ginn science program—Advanced A.

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