For general information on the five Ginn science books, see Ginn science program—Intermediate A,

I only own three and have read three of the five books in the series. This is the one I own but have not read. It’s intended for the fifth grade. Gallant wrote the introduction. It consists of the following sections, with the ones written by Gallant marked with (G).

  • How Do Leaves Make Food for the World?
  • Using Energy to Do Work
  • How the Planets Move (G)
  • Transportation and Communication in the Human Body (G)
  • Particles in Motion (G)
  • Do All Animals Develop from Eggs?
  • Fantastic Creatures?
  • What Are Webs of Life? (G)

The quote on the cover is “The history of science is science itself” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

As I haven’t actually read this book, I cannot fully comment on it. I have examined the book, and it’s fair to say as a preliminary review that it’s roughly the same quality as Ginn science program—Intermediate A,

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