For general information on the five Ginn science books, see Ginn science program--Intermediate A,

I only own and have read three of the series. This is one of the two I both own and have read.

This volume is intended for the sixth grade. Asimov wrote the introduction. It consists of the following sections, with the ones written by Gallant marked with a (G).

  • The Flowering Plant and How It Grows (G)
  • Support and Balance in the Human Body
  • What Are the Ways of Animals? (G)
  • Building a Model of Matter (G)
  • Changing Life in a Changing World (G)
  • Should “Earth” Be Called “Sea” Instead?
  • From Water to Land: How Organisms Adapted
  • What Are the Oceans’ Webs of Life? (G)

The quote on the cover is is “If I have seen further than other men, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” by Sir Isaac Newton.

As for the overall value of the book, it’s roughly the same quality as Ginn science program--Intermediate A: fine from a writing perspective, not quite so fine from a textbook perspective.

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