Cover of Stars
Book 89 Astronomy 1968
Science, Numbers, and I Galaxies
1 spaceship-and-sun
Asimov fan
3 spaceships-and-suns
Target reader

A sky full of suns blazes down on the Earth, suns so far away that they look like tiny points of light. We call them stars, and they are explained clearly by one of America’s favorite science writers. Numerous diagrams and sky charts will guide young astronomers who wish to know the constellations. Full-color illustrations.

The third entry in the series of short science books for very young children published by Follett. This one, and its immediate sequel, Galaxies, do not suffer quite as much from the passage of time as do The Moon and Mars, the earlier entries in the series. The science remains valid, the prose readable. Perhaps the illustrations are of a style not currently in vogue, but there’s no reason not to hand this to a child in the early years of grade school. Little of interest here to the Asimov fan, but definitely of interest to the target audience.

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